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Thanks to the following people for submitting photos so far: Neville Almond, Nick Amesbury, Neil Atkinson, Jason Board, Simon Chippindale, Alan Davies, Barry Deane, Stafford Evans, Nick Farley, Rich Harding, Richard Hellen, Nigel Martin, Nigel Milnes, Tony Moore, Justin Parsons, Jon Rose, Alan Russell, Samarth Sharma, Rod Smith, Wayne Seeley, Tony Stephens, Mark Taggart, David Tyrer, Sarah Ward, Angie Weir, Ken Wilkinson, Liz Wood and Sean Worlock. I hope I haven't missed anybody out.

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Avon  |  Total images: 933
Welcome to an archive of photos of the Avon Hang-gliding and Paragliding Club. Here you'll find photos of members past and present along with pictures of sites and gliders. If you have any images you'd like to have included please send them along.
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General  |  Total images: 14
Unclassified pitures.
JSHG comp 2002
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JSHG comp 2002  |  Total images: 32
Joint Services Hang-gliding comp in 2002, SEW. Pics by Angie Weir.
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Samarth  |  Total images: 74
Samarth Sharma from India has not only built his own hang-glider and harness but has taught himself to fly.
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Weather  |  Total images: 18
Mostly pictures of clouds!

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