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Below are a selection of home videos that I have made over the years. Some of the camera work was done by others, I've just cleaned up the edit.

All the videos are in WMV 9 format so they require Windows Media Player 9 or greater to view. The videos are compressed, but even then they are on average at least 10 Mb. They may take a while to download if you only have a dial-up Internet connection. They should stream, so you should be able to start watching them before they have completely downloaded. The quality varies depending on the length of the video. If you'd like to see better quality copies or if you'd like to view the videos in others formats let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Left/right  click on the images to play/download the videos

This film was made by António Sequeira of his visit to in Spain during the summer of 2003. Early in 2004 António died after an accident in Brazil. He was a great man, an amazingly enthusiastic pilot and a great force in the Portuguese hang-gliding community. He is missed by friends and family world wide. 1:47 - 4.35 Mb

This is a film I edited together from footage shot by Charlie Jost and Matt Taggart at the opening event of's summer in Avila Spain. The idea of the event was to convert four paraglider pilots to flying rigid wings. There were of course lots of experienced hang glider pilots on hand to do some flying and show them how it was done. 2:17 - 4.98 Mb

A video filmed at my favourite local flying site during the summer of 2002. The aim was to capture what it was like to be out flying at what is undoubtedly our clubs best site. All footage is taken from the ground but I think it still captures the spirit of what club flying in the UK is all about.  16:43 - 39.6 Mb. A smaller 18.4 Mb, version can found here.

This film was made provide a overview of the 2003 flying season at in Avila Spain. The footage available was limited at the time but it gives an idea of what is was like to be in Avila during the summer of 2003. 4:38 - 10.7 Mb

This is a quick edit of footage taken by Matt Taggart. It gives a brief overview of the Avian Cheetah topless performance hang glider. 3:47 - 8.97 Mb

A fun of edit of some good and not so good hang glider landings. 4:20 - 9.95 Mb

An edit of footage shot by Matt Taggart and Charlie Jost. The idea was to announce a hang glider demo camp to be held in France during the summer of 2004. Alas a number of issues arose and unfortunately the demo camp never happened. 2:23 - 5.72 Mb

A video that I shot during the second day of the midland aerotow competition held at Long Martson in 2002. 12:30 - 42.7 Mb

El Fresno Fun!

Me flying the tug around at El Fresno aerodrome in Spain in September 2003. Not that great as a video but it was fun to do.  3:25 - 8.4 Mb

An aerotow of a Flight Design Ghostbuster rigid wing piloted by Mark Taggart as seen from the trike tug. 4:38 - 11.1 Mb

A video made to celebrate my local club, the Avon hang gliding and paragliding club. Most of the footage was shot in 2002. 4:10 - 17.93 Mb. For a quality flashplayer version from Google Video click <here> and then the play button.




The following videos are ones that I've gathered from the web over the years. I can't remember where all of them have come from, if you know let me know! They are in various formats.

Kossen 1978 John Hunts video of the 1978 World Campionships in Kossen, Austria and at Mere in England.  26:19 - 75.4 Mb WMV    
Brasil beach Cesar Castro show us another way to have fun on the beach in Brasil - 1:13 - 3.14 Mb WMV Lanzarote 2005 A video made by guys from Scottish Airsports of their trip to Lanzarote in 2005. Great fun! 12:11 - 34.10 Mb WMV. For more pics and videos see Allan Philips' web site.
Himachal Film of a paragliding trip to Himachal Pradesh in 2004 made by Russian Pilots. Provided to us by Samarth Sharma - 18:26 - 47.6 MB WMV. Home made glider

Samarth from India taught himself to fly on his home-made glider with the help and advice from Internet hang gliding email lists. Go to Samarth's gallery - 2:02 - 2.32 Mb WMV.

Pat P aerotow whack

Filmed by Danny Hughes. What can go wrong if you pop the nose during an aerotow launch.  0:50 - 2.04 Mb WMV.

Samarth Sled

Continuing his self-training with the Breeze glider, Samarth with the aid of his friends takes a sled ride from a local hill. Go to Samarth's gallery -1:02 - 2.68 Mb WMV.

Dust Devil by Charlie Jost Charlie Jost video of Dust Devils and the nasty things they can do.  4:05 - 10.5 Mb WMV Mad French Catapultchutists Mad French people with a parachute and a giant catapult. 3:51 - 9.35 Mb WMV.

Joe Parr's spectacular spiral in Mexico 2005 on his Zoom paraglider. Read more about it here. 3:23 - 8.3 Mb WMV

At the World Air Games in Spain in 2001. A bit of a whoopsey. 1.63 Mb - mpeg

Mike and Karin Stainer's video of flying in the summer of 2005 at Woolacombe in north Devon. 15:00 - 46.4 Mb WMV. (Also on Google video here.)

Cascade Sky Studio's video of hang-glider landings. 11:13 - 33.8 Mb.

The ATOS spinning video. 2:13 - 5.45 Mb

Charlie Jost's video for the DHV of the first Dragonfly tug in Germany. 2:34 - 5.39 Mb

At the World Air Games in Spain in 2001. Dusty comes through launch. 1.13 Mb - mpeg

The famous Gordon Rigg crash video. 1.67 Mb - mpeg

At the World Air Games in Spain in 2001. Sometimes winning isn't everything. 1.03 Mb - mpeg

Fancy a haircut? (contains rude words) 0:31 - 1.93 Mb

There is more than just Hang gliding at the Florida Flight Parks. Check out paragliding at Greybird. 5:04 - 9.61 Mb


Some people will do anything to make life interesting. 4:52 - 11.5 Mb


Proof that wheels and a good technique are a cert for safe aerotow footlaunching. 0:12 - 0.5 Mb


A dusty causes havoc with an aerotow launch at the 2005 worlds in Oz. 0:20 - 1.04 Mb

Richard Beckett's SIV

Richard Beckett's video of his SIV course in May 2005. 3:07 - 6.45 Mb

Hang-gliding bear

A truly wonderful HG cartoon from the Korean RG Animation Studios  1:55 - 3.72 Mb

Parachting bear

Another wonderful flying cartoon from the Korean RG Animation Studios. This time it's para. 1:13 - 1.88 Mb


Informative clip from an OZ TV show called Beyond 2000. Who says you can't foot land a Swift in nil wind! Thanks to Pete Allen for the clip. Format is mp4 which can be played by QuickTime player. 8:00 - 14.4 Mb

Bir India 2005

Ken Wilkinson and Stafford Evan's video of their trip to Bir India in 2005. 7:03 - 25.6 Mb. Still photos from the same trip can be found here.

Carl Hyllander's video of the air games in 2004

Carl Hyllander's video of the International Air Games in Ölüdeniz Turkey, 2004. 3:24 - 8.30 Mb

Forgetting to clip in!

A video from of a paraglider pilots who forgets to do up his straps. He survives, just about. Sobering viewing. 3:10 - 6.5Mb

Failed loop

Why not many pilots do loops in hang-gliders. Taken from Deltaclub stans in Switzerland. 1:00 - 2.2Mb

Chris Muller PG

A video made by his friends as a tribute. From a great Canadian flying family,  HG/PG champion Chris Muller, died in 2005 doing what he loved. 7:46 - 18.2 Mb

Speed Gliding

Speed Gliding, what's that all about then? Check out this video of the sport in Chelan Washington in 2004. 5:00 - 11.7Mb

Something to make you smile when it is time to cut the grass. 2:01 - 4.87 Mb

TV advert

Gustav Kuhn sent this TV advert filmed for an Indonesian cigarette company in southern Africa.


Extremesport week at Voss, Norway 2004

Stein Edgar Strandli's video of the 2004 Extreme Sport week in Voss Norway. Also check out Stein's other videos here.  5:33 - 13.5 MB

The pilots were: Johan Anderson, Anton Brown, Gustav Kuhn. "The site was Verneuk Pan. We used payout winches mounted on the back of the Jeeps, the scariest four days of my life!" 1:00 - 2.67 Mb


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Let me know if you have any video web sites you'd like to have linked from here. Also let me know if any of these links no longer work.